How do we manufacture it? 

A lot of skill and precision goes into the shoemaking process. Customers can browse over different kinds of shoes like Derby, Oxford, Monk and select the shoe of their choice and the size required. Ivrah shoes are completely stitched by hand. Want to read about the journey your shoe makes before arriving at your doorstep?

  • Environmentally friendly leather selection
  • The leather that is picked to make Ivrah shoes is a byproduct of the meat industry. We use vegetable-tanned leather and semi chrome leather to produce the final product. 

    The tanneries we work with have gold and silver-rated certificates by the Leather Working Group - a group dedicated to pushing for environmental best practices in leather producing industries. This also includes routine auditing of the tanneries manufacturing practices.

  • Leather cutting and weaving
  • By this stage of your Ivrah shoe, the type of shoe, your size and the leather have been selected. Various parts of the shoes are cut from the leather according to the specification. 

    Unique designs are made on leather with a traditional technique called broguing. Various pieces are fitted, stitched together to make the upper.

  • Lasting
  • After this stage, the next is lasting where the department will place the finished upper on a custom size last giving the shoe its form.

  • Sole Pasting
  • The upper and the soles are paste together and the excess leather is trimmed away by our craftsmen to give it a proper form.

  • Giving finishing touches to the shoe
  • Small nails are knocked into the heel to prevent wear and tear and to make them durable. The shoes are then dyed with rich colours and polished with wax and then finally making it finished.

  • Giving it a personal touch
  • The shoe is now ready to be given a personal touch. Unique to your Ivrah, you can engrave your signature or your initials into the shoes to give it a personal shoe and make the perfect fitting leather shoe completely yours. 

  • Delivering it to your doorstep
  • We provide free shipping throughout India. All you have to do is click the buy button and wait anxiously whilst the perfect pair of your shoes are handcrafted and delivered to your doorstep.